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Target Audience

Everybody is welcome to discover the co-operative difference and we built this site for any person interested to learn more about the co-operative model and the benefits that co-operatives, credit union and caisses populaires provide on behalf of their members and the communities they serve.

    You could be:
  • A new or existing member of a co-op, credit union or caisse populaire
  • A new or existing employee of a co-op, credit union or caisse populaire
  • Just interested in finding out more about co-operatives in general


    By discovering the co-operative difference we expect you to have a better understanding and deeper appreciation of:
  • the different types of co-operatives in Canada and around the world
  • the sectors that co-operatives operate in and the communities they serve
  • the values and principles that co-operatives abide by and operate within
  • the impact that co-operatives have on the communities and members they serve