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The 3 Ps of Negotiating: Exploring the Dimensions

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Duration:  4.00  Hour(s)
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Provider:  John Ritchie

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Product Overview

Any time two or more people come in contact, there is a potential and probably a need for some type of NEGOTIATING or CONFLICT MANAGEMENT. Knowing how to recognize to what purpose different types of people view the negotiating process and understanding the principles involved in any negotiating situation will always give you an advantage. The person who understands and uses the rules the most effectively while recognizing the skills and values of the other negotiators always has the best opportunity to influence the outcome of the negotiating. Your own personality will also play a major factor in how you apply the negotiating process. These skills are equally valuable in all communication.

This course investigates the basic ideals that will help you become a better negotiator and eliminate much of the anxiety associated with this important life process. It explores negotiating as a principle based set of skills. Principles are sets of rules that work equally well in multiple circumstances. As an example, if you use a process in your home that makes you uncomfortable at work, the process would not qualify as a principle.

This course has been approved for CE by AERELLO and the State of Tennessee.

Author Overview: John Ritchie

John C. Ritchie, Broker, Realtor®, Founder of Real Estate, began instructing outdoor skills in 1963 in the mountains of North Carolina at age 16.

A 1969 Graduate of Wake Forest University in Winston Salem North Carolina, John has both managed and trained corporate sales and management groups in the skills of negotiating, team building and leadership. He has also served on the board of directors for corporate, civic and religious organizations as well as instructed at the University of Tennessee and Roane State College.

Real Estate was founded in 1997, providing Internet Training for continuous education to Real Estate Agents in Tennessee. The course titled, “The 3 P’s of Negotiating…Exploring the Dimensions” was the first training via the Internet approved in Tennessee, one of the first in the United States and is now offered in multiple states through the National Association of REALTORS®.

A second book titled, “Needs Development, Negotiating and Presentation for Success” was released by Prentice Hall in 2001.

John currently serves as a Broker with an upper bracket Real Estate Firm in Knoxville, Tennessee. He trains and delivers keynote presentations for corporate clients and is the Area Class Administrator for Bible study Fellowship International in Tennessee and Alabama.

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