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6. Negotiating Skills: Skills For Sales Success Part Six
Duration:  1.00  Hour(s)
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Provider:  Canadian Professional Sales Association (CPSA)
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Product Overview

This course is part of the CPSA Skills for Sales Success certification program, available on-line through the Learning Library or directly through the Canadian Professional Sales Association. The series has been designed to help sales professionals in all walks of life understand the key skills and foundations practiced by top sales people everywhere.

Negotiating skills is designed for sales professionals who need a basic overview of the key principles of negotiation. This applies to sales professionals who are in a position where they need to bring their discussions with a client to a successful conclusion and have to resolve such issues as pricing or other terms. The material is based on the best ideas of some of the top sales professionals and relates the key skills sets needed to be an effective negotiator.

Learning outcomes include: The compliance principles of human interaction, How to resolve conflict, Negotiation gambits, Using gambits at various stages of the negotiation process, and Making concessions.

CPSA would also like to acknowledge that the Skills For Sales Success online learning project is made possible, in part, through funding by Human Resources Development Canada.




  1. Introduction to Negotiating Skills
  2. Compliance Principles
  3. The Compliance Principles Continued
  4. The Basic Rules Of Negotiation
  5. Beginning Sales Negotiating Gambits
  6. Middle & Ending Sales Negotiating Gambits
  7. Final Comments on Negotiation


Instructor Overview: Barry LaValley

Barry LaValley, CSP, is President of LaValley Communications, a sales training, relationship management, and communications consulting firm based on the West Coast.

Mr. LaValley has over 20 years experience as a sales professional and conducts sales training in both Canada and the United States. Mr. LaValley is an active speaker, writer and educator in the areas of practice management and selling skills across Canada. He takes a unique approach to both topics and bases his education on understanding how the client perceives the sales process and how that affects how a sales practice is managed. In addition, he speaks and writes regularly on retirement lifestyle issues.

Mr. LaValley has been called “one of the best communicators in the Canadian Financial Services industry” by noted industry commentator Dan Richards, of Marketing Solutions. He has a solid reputation as a common sense, down to earth speaker on the topics he covers.


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