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Statistics show that 10% of all Agents do 90% of the Real Estate transactions.
Most of these top agents have a coach.

What do the elite 10% do differently?

Most of these top agents have a coach.

What would you do with a 20% increase in performance?

Real estate agent coaching has been proven to increase performance levels by 20% or more - even for the most experienced professionals.

What's the difference between outstanding coaching and average (or bad) coaching?

Successful coaching has 3 elements yet one or more of these elements is missing in most coaching programs:

1. Attitude and Psychology
2. Methodology
3. Goals and Measured Results

If you are looking to increase your performance and join the elite 10% of agents, then ask yourself these seven questions:

1. Do you know your Numbers from the past three years?
2. Do you have a Concise Business Plan with measurable results?
3. Are you organized and have strong time management skills?
4. Do you know what the Biggest Factor is for raising your production and how to obtain it?
5. Do you know how to use your Strengths to immediately increase your production?
6. Do you have Systems in place for all areas of your business? Do you effectively use those systems?
7. Do you know what your Weaknesses are and how to overcome them?

If you answered NO to ANY of these questions then you NEED Real Estate Agent Coaching.

The REALTOR® University Coaching Center offers agents a wide variety of coaching formats that address the 3 Key Elements. No matter how many years of experience you have in the industry, coaching can still teach you new strategies and disciplines to grow your income.

Here you'll find a list of training programs from leading real estate coaches that you need to begin growing your business today. Read through the descriptions and when you find the program that fits your specific needs / interests, simply fill out the form so you can get started.




Product Coaching Style Price: More Info
Joeann Fossland - Gold Package One-on-one Price: $499.00 (USD)  More Information
Joeann Fossland - Group Coaching Group Price: $259.00 (USD)  More Information
Joeann Fossland - Silver Package One-on-one Price: $399.00 (USD)  More Information
Rich Levin - Daily Coaching Daily Price: $399.00 (USD)  More Information
Rich Levin - Gold Package One-on-one Price: $499.00 (USD)  More Information
Rich Levin - Group Coaching Group Price: $149.00 (USD)  More Information
Rich Levin - Silver Package One-on-one Price: $349.00 (USD)  More Information


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