Content Program

  • Want to create e-learning?
  • Looking for new revenue opportunities?

If you are an academic institution, training organization or trainer please contact us to discuss models for moving your content online. We can help you create webinars, online courses, tests, assessments, e-books, audio or video on demand, mobile content, games, CD/DVDs or blended models and in many cases also provide new market opportunities via our clients and established channels.  We can work together in several ways including:

  • Build yourself: license our authoring tool and LMS and you can manage and build your own training
  • Partner with us: in some instances, Learning Library will partner with content providers to share costs and efforts to create new training.
  • Contract with us: Learning Library can build your content for you as desired
  • E-Store and Learning Management: In all cases, you are always welcome to license our modular, integrated education management system to help you profitably market and manage your education directly to your audience.

For more information, please visit the iLMS Director™ page.

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