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Since 1998, Learning Library has specialized in working with associations, member based organizations and other professional bodies to serve their unique educational, financial and administrative needs. We have always focused totally on serving the needs of professional industries and organizations tasked with specific requirements for compliance and accreditation delivery and tracking, (primarily continuing education (CPD credits), certifications, designations, professional development or diploma education), revenue generation and member service.

The Learning Library Associations Package is a comprehensive offering that allows you the flexibility to meet the needs of your members, your affiliates and your own organization through a single, modular, integrated system. It has benefits for all key stakeholders as follows:
  • For your members - you can provide easy and convenient access to a single destination, private labeled education web portal that includes all of your online and offline training products and events, online testing, CPD and accreditation products and tracking, flexible and easy to use ecommerce, and community learning opportunities through social networking.

  • For your affiliate network - you can benefit from additional product exposure and sales and provide the capability for affiliates to quickly and easily generate revenue for themselves and your organization by linking to your educational programs and receiving the financial rewards. Affiliates might be national, provincial/state, or local associations; content providers; corporate and media partners; suppliers to your industry; etc.

  • For your organization – we provide the flexibility to deliver all of this in a single, affordable, integrated solution that maximizes your member service, increases revenue and reduces costs. Services span the initial stages of content production through to the delivery of innovative community learning and virtual events. All with support for ecommerce, administration, certification and financial reporting built-in. For our customers we create value in analytics, aggregation, integration, data, student experience, marketing, sales, compliance, revenue generation, market dominance and overall automation, management, service, ROI and long-term planning.

Still just have an LMS? Introduce everyone to the LLI Solution – one integrated system for any online or offline educational product, utilizing modern ecommerce, marketing and compliance management technology, alongside a full-service, solution-oriented team for today's educational content providers.

The Learning Library Association Package includes:

  • Affordable, high quality e-learning production or integration: we can help you create and deliver affordable but highly effective online courses, assessments, testing, games, webinars, e-books, video or audio on demand, mobile products, blended solutions or any other e-learning requirements as needed or integrate existing content. Include all your education in one single destination including classroom, online, testing, correspondence, webinars, coaching etc. Reap the rewards of integrated marketing, analytics, ecommerce, reporting and massively increase student experience and commitment.

  • iLMS Director™ Full or Light: for any budget, the LLI education management model will provide a customized and fully branded infrastructure for your online learning and your educational products and services as well as all the key functionality needed to manage your initiative including online registration, a central catalog for all your e-learning, product information pages, specialized ecommerce, accreditation management, digital certificates, built in and automated marketing tools, administration and reporting plus many additional features.

The iLMS Director™ also provides a number of unique and highly specialized modules and functionality as follows:

    1. Accreditation/CPD Module: Many professional organizations deliver accredited or compliance related education to their members and a specialized module is required to manage this properly. Over many years Learning Library has developed and refined a module that provides credit tracking, core and elective program tracking, specialized ecommerce for credit fees, digital completion certificates, admin tools for association managers and many additional features.

    2. Affiliate Module: iLMS Director™ includes the option to utilize an automated affiliate module and service. Allow others in your marketing sphere link to your elearning. Links are tracked and those affiliates producing sales on your site will earn a financial reward as determined by you. Our service is fully ASP and includes all financial management and payment to affiliates. Increase project support, revenue and exposure with this profitable feature.

    3. Live Training Scheduling Module: include all your training in one catalog. Our module allows you to include all online, and offline training (face to face seminars, workshops, webinars etc), and any educational products (books, CDs, videos, etc) all in one catalog with all the functionality desired above. You and your users will benefit with one full catalog of all educational options, single login, single reporting, single ecommerce and many other benefits.

    4. Sponsorship and Ad Module: provides the unique additional option of including sponsors and advertisers in your online education initiative to increase project support, revenue and exposure.

    5. Education Administration: Learning Library provides options for automating educational administration so staff can focus on the wider needs of the association.

    6. Dynamic new modules: webinars, social networking for education, virtual tradeshow and conference platform, etc. For a complete demo please contact us.

    7. Discount: Associations receive an automatic 25 - 50% discount on all standard fees.

"Learning Library has the best quality to value ratio in the business", Ken Burlington, Vice President, Marketing and Sales, Product Management and Education Services, National Association of REALTORS®. 'NAR is the largest trade association in the world with over 1.3 million members and LEARNING LIBRARY has been our exclusive e-learning provider for over 10 years."

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