We love educators…bring us your schools, your classrooms, your rosters and your class fees and let us automate your world.

Create a private label campus with all the features and functionality you dream of. And/or bring us your content and we will help you publish online and in some cases even bring you new students.
Connect marketing, data, registration, ecommerce and other systems for maximum benefit.


The solution isn't one product or many - - - it is an integrated combination of products, services and 20 years’ expertise.

One modular, integrated online system for offering any online or offline education product, utilizing modern ecommerce, marketing & compliance management technology, alongside our full service team.


  • Build loyalty and make your learners feel at home with options including:
    • Private labelling and branding;
    • Customization with role based learning;
    • Personalization with learner photos, name, title, learner level automated communication;
    • Recognition with credits, certificates, scoring, badging, visual accomplishment tagging, leaderboards;
    • Keep learning fun and rewarding. Utilize our instructional design to improve learning experience;
    • Embed perks, vendors and sponsors in platform and courses.
    • Improve learner experience. Easy, personalized access with single sign on and database integrations.
    • Plus fully responsive, device-friendly, SCORM Certified platform!
    • and so much more!
  • Reduce administration and overhead and maximize effectiveness. Aggregate all learning in one platform to centralize marketing, tracking, reporting, admin, ecommerce and increase data effectiveness while reducing costs!
  • Increase revenue and ROI: Connect training data to business performance; generate substantial education revenue and benefit from our site and client wide data and research!
  • Automate marketing with embedded tools and models and service solutions.
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Create Online Learning

  • Need courses, exams, or blended events online?
  • Or webinars, video training, podcasts, or ebooks?
  • Or classroom and coaching management?
  • Need instructional design, storyboarding, production, delivery, hosting, ecommerce, marketing and analytics or all?
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Aggregate Learning

  • Already have any of the above? Consolidate systems and reduce overhead and management time to explode marketing and data effectiveness.
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